Belize Offshore Services- Offshore Company Formation

Belize is one of many offshore jurisdictions found in the Caribbean area. Belize offshore services include the following; offshore company setup, offshore banking, offshore trust formation, the registration of offshore foundations and others. Although no offshore LLC can be incorporated in Belize the offshore tax haven offers a Belize Limited Duration Companies which has similar characteristic with an offshore LLC. Belize offshore services have become very popular in the past decade because of the jurisdiction ability to provide professional offshore services at an affordable rate. Belize as an offshore jurisdiction has modern legislation governing the different offshore services which are offered in the offshore tax haven. Belize offshore services are provided by offshore services providers who are offices and professionals who have gone through the process of obtaining a license. Offshore Services provider license are issued by the Belize International Financial Services Commissions. Offshore companies formation is carried out by Belize offshore services providers along with services of offshore trust formation and offshore foundation registration. Offshore services providers in offshore Belize also help clients set up offshore bank account and other services.

Perhaps the most requested offshore service is the incorporation of Belize offshore companies. Each year thousands of offshore companies are incorporated in the offshore jurisdiction. The Belize offshore corporation is a tax exempt business company which has many functions. Offshore incorporation of Belize companies is reasonable priced and the process itself is not time consuming. The Belize offshore corporation creation, same as Panama company incorporation, process involves submitting incorporation documents to the Registrar of Companies for review and the Registrar will issue a Certificate of Incorporation to the Belize offshore company if all documents and information submitted are acceptable. For Belize offshore company formation the requirements are as follows;

  • A proposed name for the Belize offshore company
  • The name and address of the offshore service provider responsible for incorporation
  • The registered address of the company in Belize
  • The authorized share capital
  • The currency in which share capital is issued the number of shares to be issued by the company
  • The types of shares or classes of shares to be issued
  • The number of shares which will be registered as bearer shares and the number to be
  • Voting rights, limitations, powers, privileges and restrictions placed on different types of shares
  • The objectives for incorporating a Belize offshore company
  • The names, nationalities and addresses of shareholders
  • The names, nationalities and addresses of directors
  • Any by-laws which the company may have

The Belize offshore services provider will require some information from the persons who have requested that an offshore company be incorporated on their behalf. And since Belize is a well regulated offshore jurisdiction due diligence investigations may be carried out on the persons who desire an offshore company incorporated in Belize. Persons incorporating companies must provide the offshore agent with the following information which will remain private;

  • Name and address
  • Copy of passport or national identification card
  • Beneficial owners declaration

Belize offshore incorporation only requires one company shareholder and on director who may be the same person. Nominee shareholder can be used for offshore company formation in Belize and corporate directors are allowed. As with many other offshore jurisdictions any offshore company incorporated in Belize is not allowed by law to carry out business within the country or with residents of Belize.

A Belize offshore service which is highly recommended for asset protection and estate planning is the registration of a Belize offshore trust. Belize offshore trust is incorporated by filing a Trust Deed with the Registrar of Companies in Belize. Belize offshore trusts must have beneficiaries, a trust settlor, trustee and trust protector. The offshore service providers in Belize will require that the persons forming the Belize offshore trust provide information such as copies of passport pages or copy of identification of the person registering the trust and other personal information. The following is filed with the Registrar of Companies in

Belize for Trust formation;

  • The name of the offshore trusts
  • The name ad address of the offshore service provider acting as agent
  • The names of the beneficiaries
  • Name of the trustee
  • the name of the trust protector
  • the assets which will be placed in the trust

Belize offshore banking is another exceptional offshore service which Belize is famous for, offshore banking in the offshore tax haven is well regulated and the offshore banks offering services are among the best banking institutions available offshore. Offshore banking provides the means and ways for individuals and corporation to manage asset, protect them and even make lucrative investments. Offshore banking is tax free and the services which are offered by offshore banks are perfect for offshore companies and individual. Offshore banking is known to facilitating offshore trading around the world. Setting up a Belize offshore banking is not difficult. Offshore services providers in Belize can assist clients with setting up offshore accounts and clients can use the websites of offshore banks to request services. To open offshore bank account the following is required;

  • complete application for which can be obtained from the offshore bank
  • name and address of the person or corporation requesting the offshore bank account
  • corporations must provide certified copies of corporate documents
  • bank references
  • certified copies of passport or national identification for persons setting up offshore bank account
  • declaration of source of funds

Belize offshore services have a few common points. All offshore entities incorporated in Belize are tax exempt. Belize offshore companies, offshore trusts and foundation are not required by law to pay any local tax on incomes which have been generated outside of the offshore tax haven of Belize. Belize offshore entities are protected by privacy laws which make all information private. Offshore banking in Belize is tax free and all information in Belize offshore bank accounts are protected by banking privacy laws. Going offshore in Belize has its advantages one which is very important is asset protection, where assets placed in offshore companies and even offshore banks are protected from foreign court rulings and other third parties.

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